ariel-elsc“Out of the ash
I rise with my red hair
and I eat men like air.”
― Sylvia Plath, Lady Lazarus

Ariel began pole dancing for fitness and fun during her degree in English Literature. She has also dabbled in trapeze, silks and other circus disciplines, eventually settling on pole and aerial hoop. She found that the various pole courses at the time did not offer much beyond learning tricks (this has now changed!), and she wanted to learn transitions and to dance.

She met pole dancer Maya Velvet at a latex fashion event, who encouraged her to get a job at The Peel in Kingston and learn the best way – by practicing with and watching the other girls. It was onstage here that she met, befriended and was inspired by showgirls Chiqui Love, Solitaire, Edie Lamort, Foxy and many others. She began teaching beginner pole classes and performing at events for fun, which led to her meeting Stacey Clare, now a close friend and colleague.

Ariel and Stacey share similar backgrounds in art and design, and a similar vision of female empowerment, so when Stacey set up Life Drawing at the White Horse, Ariel taught the class for its first year. She has since performed at Wilderness with collective Shotgun Carousel, Glastonbury with the ELSC, Mischief Festival and Belle Epoque Dark Circus. 2015 sees her taking a year out of performing to concentrate on launching her costume and lingerie brand, Rose Lea.