‘Sassy’ aka Billy, has been the force behind sassylapdancer.com since setting up her blog in secret in 2010 to vent her feelings about the industry. She sees stripping as a fun, exciting way to make friends and money whilst travelling the world, even if you do have ‘bad days’. From champagne bars in Tokyo and New York to the glitzy super-clubs of Australia and London, stripping isn’t just a career choice, it’s a lifestyle – but is also surrounded by myths, fear, and a lack of information.

Keenly interested in how the stripping subculture is changing around the world, she enjoys campaigning for, writing about and visiting venues which promote sexuality as empowering, as a transaction, as risqué. Since the new millenium’s Stringfellows versus Spearmint Rhino headlines, to an explosion of venues across the UK as licensing laws changed, striptease is now being eroded alongside the slow gentrification of Soho and the East End, London’s original sexual heartlands.

From originally chronicling her experiences stripping, her site has evolved into a website providing information for dancers and customers. It has the only interactive map of all the stripclubs in London and is full of advice on how to audition and survive the industry, as well as tips for customers.

Billy is working on a novel which follows Lucy, a university arts graduate as she reconciles stripping during the recession with dating guys who work a 9 to 5 and her frustrated ambitions. She is also collaborating with Nadine Quashie on a lively tale of 5 stripper ‘sisters’.

Her ethos? “Stripping, like being naked, shouldn’t be scary – it should be celebrated. Like me, it’s sassy by name, sassy by nature – and will keep a smile on your face.”