foxy-elsc-stripperIf 10 years ago you had told me I’d once become a stripper, I’d have told you to piss off! 5 years on, there I went. Well, thank God I did. Although in the first 2 weeks I had to be drunk on every shift, gradually I’ve grown to like it, LOVE IT in fact!! I soon quit the booze and dancing and sexiness followed naturally: my passion is endless.

It’s not a dream job and I’m certainly not RICH, and even though many times we have to put up with unwanted attention, immoral proposals, disrespect; it does give me a lot of freedom, paid for my studies and I got to meet some wonderful people.
I taught myself pole dancing and love every bit of it, because nothing compares to the thrill of being on stage, get lost in music and my performance, move to the rhythm and simply be sexy. Tease people because it feels good and gives me the giggles.

But being a rebel at heart, I’m not happy with the current situation of the sex industry, so I’m proud to be a part of ELSC, and hope we can make some major changes to benefit other strippers.