Stacey is the fierce, feisty, phenomenal co-founder of ELSC. She has been stripping for almost a decade, and has mastered the art of pole dancing.

She can be described as a performer who is blessed with true stage presence, and can silence audiences with her long limbs and mesmerising routines. At 6’1” she is slender and statuesque. Despite having the body of an underwear model, she has a disdain for the fashion industry and is always mindful about how she chooses to allow her body to be represented and depicted.

Before stripping, Stacey was a political rebel fighting for social justice and experiencing every protest/direct action as a performance (in costume or character). As a fine art student, her work concentrated on performance art and theatre, and she still involves herself in community theatre projects that deal with projects that are close to her heart.

Her anarchist roots have led her to apply her political views to her choice of work. She believes that stripping is legitimate work and deserves to be regulated and protected as such. She is tirelessly campaigning with the ELSC to challenge stigma and stereotypes about strippers, and to start empowering dancers by bringing them together to self-organise and create their own working conditions.