art-of-strippingEast London Strippers Collective presents… The Art of Stripping, October 2015, our most ambitious, creative and challenging event to date. Hosted by Red Gallery, the Art of stripping is a 1 week long art exhibition, with a program of events running alongside, opening on 22nd of October.

ELSC are a bunch of feisty, articulate, fiercely independent women, who also happen to be strippers. They have come together as a collective, out of shared grievances they have about the poor working conditions and exploitative business practises within their industry. They also lament the stigma surrounding their job; the lack of wider public understanding about what they do, compounded by negative connotations created by poor representations in mainstream media, combined with “feminist” campaigns that seek to erase their industry and destroy their livelihoods.

To fight back, ELSC are planning a multi faceted event, The Art of Stripping, to celebrate the culture, art and aesthetic of their private universe. As talented women, they are visual artists and view what they do as an art from like any other, which takes time to develop and cultivate a practise. ELSC wishes to challenge the stigma that surrounds their job by inviting new audiences to come and explore their world, and to see what they do from a fresh perspective. ELSC wish to generate a culture of respect around their jobs, and to start by publicly recognising the value and worth of their creative energy.

See our Facebook event page for tickets to individual events.